4.4.12 Randy Koonce on the Dinar RV

For those involved with the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation, I am posting this Randy Koonce call because it is one of the best explanations of where the revalue is at and what politically is going on – in Iraq.  Just remember what I have said before, Iraq is just a paralleled road or mirror if you will of the greater agenda and as we watch Iraq inch closer, then we know also the world reset is getting closer.  Iraq is dependent on the reset – not the reset on Iraq.  Iraq is the tool being used by the powers that be for the purpose but is not the reason.  We all know why we are having a reset.

Randy Koonce Transcript 4/4/2012


Thanks to Dinaridori for the transcription!!!

[DISCLAIMER: This transcript is not without error, omissions, or typo’s. Please listen to the mp3 for accurate, complete information.]
Let’s bring ourselves up to date: Iraq not having the money for the summit but had the summit. How? They owe money, haven’t spent any money. They supplied water and put the electricity on. They had a bombing at the hotel so the US supplied security.
The Summit wasn’t going to be much if a couple people didn’t show up : Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, the big, big players in the middle east. SA decided not to go and Quatar and UAE didn’t go, but sent unimportant people. Kuwait did go…there was a reason, can’t tell you why now. Invitation on some was Ban-kMoon went to explain Maliki was right…he promised Kuwait, the UAE that the government and the money would happen prior to the summit and that’s why they wanted to go…that didn’t happen because he doesn’t tell the truth.
The Kurds, bless their hearts, decided if he’s not going to tell the truth, we’re going to cut off their oil.
Iraq’s oil is 90% from the Kurdistan region…until he can get drilling in other parts…not going to happen until the government has money – the country pays royalties and pays for some of the money..if they’re not getting paid, not staying there. The Kurds said you can export the oil, but you have to pay the 20% — 3% goes to women and children. The % is coming from the HCL…it’s been done or they wouldn’t know what percentage to add…sell oil, take care of military, and pay the Parliament. That’s all the money he’s got until he RV’s the currency. He’s running! Maliki says I’m the only guy who can export Iraqi oil…Kurds say fine, but you’re going to pay me.
Of all the articles out, have you ever seen any coming from Talabani? NONE….if it’s from someone from anyone else it doesn’t mean it’s true….everyone asks, but it’s only an opinion. Unless he says HE’S NOT DOING IT, he’s the only guy who can delay it and he’s the one calling the conference!

Like the CBI – if anything comes out other than Shabibi, it’s all opinion….it does not have to be fact. They’ve never, ever come out from Shabibi except the 3:1 article. Just take it as an opinion article.
We’re still looking for: the government, GOI, the ministers, and the Strategic Council.
Tomorrow is the National Meeting..if they start the meeting, it means something, but if Talabani, the only guy who can cancel it says he’s not, that’s the only one to listen to.
When they’re meeting at someone’s house…at ??? house – Ashid ala Shalika ?? They’re political people putting this in the paper…sort of like the Republicans trying to get Obama to do something. That’s all that’s going on…just because he submits the budget doesn’t mean it’s going to be approved through the Senate. So, when you start understanding that, you won’t get run ragged…keep yourself focused on what we’re looking for.
One article sent to me….Obama meets Barzana…anytime he means he’s backing Talabani, he’s done. We’re all in good shape…not looking at 6 months…Talabani’s holding their feet to the fire, thank God the Kurds stopped exporting oil. Jeffries met with Talabani and want them to get along at the table at the NC. This meeting is going to take place tomorrow.
People are trying to sue the GOI for the budget….what’s going on is they’re saying they approved the 2012 budget and implement it when they’re ready to pay salaries, but pulled it back. That’s what’s going on and I want everybody to step back as a big picture.
There’s pressure – tremendous pressure to get the government set up …it doesn’t mean it’s tomorrow, but it does mean it’s not far from the road. If they have it, you’ll see the strategic council and then the money…there’s no if’s, and’s or butt’s…you don’t have to worry about a $14 dollar or $4 rate…it may be 3 years from now – and anything above 50 cents is an absolute zeros.
It drives me up against the wall with 86 cents….it only means to remove 000’s off the street…you can’t remove 000’s off a rate…Shabibi (who you listen to) said 70% of the bills will be removed from the streets. Put your eyes on what’s real, not one what’s not. Don’t worry about the rates falling from the sky on the bank screens…it’s **. Just relax. When it changes on the CBI….it has to even if it’s closed! – it will show on the CBI so you don’t have to worry about it. Just check the CBI and if it hasn’t changed , it hasn’t changed.
Another thing….start breathing and relax…the thing’s gonna happen when it happens. Don’t’ get wrapped up and expect it as a saving device….I’m not saying it won’t make a difference, but go on with life and take care of your business.
So, it looks like we’re going to have a NC – the summit wasn’t a success, just that some politicians showed up.
Q: Can you see a vote of non confidence?
A: I think Talabani himself has to have the cahonies to do it….the strength and stability to do it. If what I read in the article on East Meets West, it’s pretty big…. IF Maliki told Obama he’s going to back up Talabani, it’ll happen tomorrow.

Q: If for any reason it’s cancelled, you’d see a vote of no confidence in a couple of weeks?
A: Yes, I wish I could give you the backgrounds, but I can’t….first it exposes those and if they’re in a position they just give you an idea of what’s happening in the background, and thirdly, there’s too many things going on…but I do know there’s a lot of pressure. I know things that happen at the summit embarrassed purposely to Maliki. The entire middle east is waiting for his promises to do set up the Strategic Council. Before you ever heard of the SC and Erbil…I don’t ever remember seeing it….some stuff in the paper was intel and I’m trying to explain the bridge. Even if I give you info, and it doesn’t get to the paper (not necessarily the Gazette) – it’s not good. Everybody’s been calling RV’s….even though I say something, it still has to get to the paper and now we see there’s a NC so the progression is getting towards the end. I can’t call the thing, I don’t have the power to do that, I wish I did…but just give you foreknowledge and you don’t need a guru, be on your own, not even with me.
Q: The world is calling Maliki a dictator…is he that powerful not to be arrested?
A: No, I think there’s other “courtesies” going on…make sense?…that meets the eye, but the pressure is on to do the right thing. They owe money for the summit and hotels expecting the projects to be paid by the budgets that weren’t opened and everyone’s screaming to get paid, but they don’t have the money yet. It’s a real comedy of errors that will come to an end as soon as the conference takes place with the ministers and the council.
Q: It was obvious that Maliki used a power play to get out of Ch. 7.
A: He wanted to do the summit as THE Prime Minister of Iraq…and not share anything with anybody on the summit….as a dictator, but he got slapped 2-3 times. (And Moon) – You’re not doing what you’re telling others to do…I couldn’t say that before when I had the information, and I think you’re getting it right…even though I’m getting the information, and I applaud you on that. We’re racing towards the finish line…we all need to praise God for the Kurds…they’re saying this is going to finish or we’re going to shut you down and that’s a really good sign.
Q: How is that beneficial with the US troops being pulled out? Shouldn’t they have stayed there?
A: The only reason why the troops is an issue, it’s Obama….zero with Iraq as they would love them to stay there. Obama was making a campaign promise…they consider them trainers, not troops, and they’re in the airport area and green zone protecting those particular 2 areas. Those are where the diplomats come in. The airport or Green Zone…nobody wanted to go to Iraq.

Q: Where are they accomplishing the meeting?
A: Green zone – It should be the announcement of the 3 ministers and the vote on the Strategic Council group – those are the 2 things to do. If you see Maliki screaming about being unconstitutional….In the election, Allawi won the election, Maliki didn’t. 3 people were to be in power Talabani, Allawi, and ?? – 3 votes and they’re all in control as presidents. The majority won but Maliki went from someone to do anything he wanted to but to be subservient to Allawi which he didn’t want. Don’t kid yourself, he’s signed this multiple times …he did it before the summit and that’s why we expected them to announce it but Maliki decided not to do that but got slapped around by the UN. They’re all tired of waiting…he called on the Security Council was unconstitutional. They don’t even need it, and he didn’t need it to be a dictatorship, but does as a democracy.
Q: Is the pressure still on the troops?
A: They’re staying…they’re “trainers”, not “troops”, anymore.
There’s a lot of times I’ve known it to go down, but 24 hours notice in Iraq, the whole world can change. Once you get them to agree on something, if they don’t sign it right then, chances are they won’t.
Q: Re: Sept 2011 and bringing up the RV at that time?
A: Who’s saying Sept? There’s not been one article that said Sept. There’s opinions, but no articles.
Q: The meetings on the 5th – what happens if they still don’t’ announce the GOI.
A: They just don’t meet, they try to make sure it’s hammered on before the meeting or they don’t meet. If there’s an issue, they cancel the meeting until they go on…you have a pissing contest between Shabibi and Maliki. M has to give up 2/3 of his power and S. says there’s no way in hell I’m going to do that with you in the government.
Q: Preparatory Meetings: Are they doing those or making the announcement tomorrow
A: One said Najafi was with the preparatory meeting we don’t even hear of….it doesn’t matter. Maliki, Talabani, Allawai and some inside the Congress…When those 3 guys are talking, listen. Most of the articles don’t matter. It’s not Najafii…he’s the one taking over for Allawi…those top guys matter, everyone else doesn’t as to what’s going to happen.
Q: I don’t understand the 86 cents.
A: They won’t do that– it doesn’t meet the budget and you have to have some economic knowledge or it doesn’t make sense. They get $32/barrel also. My number is $3.41.
Q: Aren’t the things we’re waiting for signed?
A: Yes, the NATIONAL Conference actually did it 2 weeks ago but it has to be announce to the public…the only thing Maliki can do since he’s already signed off on it is to make the meetings not take place, but Talabani is calling the meeting. M’s group says we’re going to postpone it, Talabani says we’re still meeting but you don’t know until they show up. Right now, as far as we understand, they’re meeting, unless we see someone like Talabani says we’re going to postpone it. Unless what they’ve agreed to and think I was stupid to do that…which can’t happen, I don’t think it makes them look good, and I know Maliki is struggling.
Q: The Kurds made a strong move the other day…
A: They did….!

Q; Today they made another strong mood – they said okay as a good will gesture, to get the Erbil, HCL, and ministers we’re going to back to exporting oil again.
A: This is where Obama could have stepped in…purely speculation…I do know he stuck his nose in it and messed it up – Maliki wouldn’t have enough money to pay for his own security, police, security, he was taking all the exports at $32/barrel paying the ministers parts of the military and police force but he didn’t pay the Kurds….They said pay us for the oil, it’s our money. Maliki said he’s the only person who can export the oil, and that was a strong move. OBAMA Said he’s going to support Talabani, so if he actually did that, it’s a done deal. For some, it’s a blog, so from all indication, it’s on tomorrow. I’m sure the US said you better give them some oil because they;’re going to fall apart, then the US said we’ll make sure they’ll do it…that’s my opinion. I think you read it right.
Q: Could you give the $32/barrel analysis as to what the US is getting paid.
A: In May, the office ial UN report says Iraq is making $32+ a barrel , signed as a Peace Treaty for war reparations, and all countries paid $32/barrel. Others get market price after they produce 10 million barrels a day…actually 1.34 so if you take official numbers $32/barrel….total revenue is $26.1 billion. Last year’s budget was 99billion dollars…divide 26 by 90 you come up with $3.45 or $3.42. Shabibi said don’t worry – I’m going to change the exchange rate to make the budget work.
Q: Remember the quote where Iraq said there was difficulty with the exchange rate to the Egyptians and couldn’t pay?
A: Yes, they can’t pay one soul until it RV’s and they’ve gotta pay them out of their budget. Exxon said we’re not going to stay until we’re paid.
Q: So, the Kurds are pressuring them to revalue their currency.
A: Shabibi is head of the Central Bank, not under control of the government…he’s in control of the RV. The only reasons why the government isn’t in the control is they haven’t produced the government then it flips over to Shabibi and he has total control and knows Iraq needs their budget.
Q: There’s speculation that on June 1st it will come in and lower the rate and then later go to $3.40.
A: That’s a lie…Shabibi stated himself he was going to do a managed float…..remember 1170 on the rate for 23-28 months, means it’s not moving. It’s not coming in and gradually go up to $3 – -it’s going to come out at whatever the rate is and it’s GOTTA MAKE THE BUDGET at the beginning because as soon as they open it, everybody’s going to draw on it and they’ll all be broke. It’ll be a financial suicide. It has to be at least the budget at 3.41. If you let the price rise, it will…with GCC and other countries, they’re all going to decide we need a currency like the Euro around $4 and that means all of them will have to get up to $4…that’s just life. They’ll do another currency – like the Euro – all together. That’s what the regional currency is and I promise it’ll be stronger and stronger but they’re not going to bring that baby out until all the currencies are almost identical…which means Saudi Arabia has to adjust their currency. That , to me, is the next move.

Q: Thanks for being so level headed…I don’t like the guru’s who have intel, but they’re few and far between so when Randy Koonce talks, we listen. Is there a replay number, not just a computer link?
A: We don’t have that up yet, but will have an mp3.
Q: Who instituted the April 5th deadline?
A: They came up with that before the Arab Summit – Talabani, Maliki, and all the guys who met.
Q: So, there was a national conference, but it wasn’t announced?
A: Yes, we know they agreed on everything, but we need to hear it publicly…Maliki promised before the summit, but they didn’t get that done. They’ll announce the government, but the only problem is you have Maliki who signed off on the power sharing….and he’ll get screwed. If Talabani holds to his gun, it’s over. HE IS THE ONLY GUY – don’t listen to anyone else about cancellations – he’ll have to come out and say he’s going to postpone…and right now, my guys over there say it’s going on tomorrow.
Q: If Maliki has put this much havoc, how could he be part of the trio or even keep him in with the power sharing.
A: He wouldn’t be able to stall…if the other 2 like it, he would lose control. It’s a mute point, no matter what, he’d lose control…Talabani and Barzani don’t see eye to eye with Maliki and they’ll probably be making most of the decision making.
Q: So the stuff about Barzani and Maliki wasn’t true?
A: Yes, most of the articles are BS….unless the individual is stating it, it’s not reliable. If they come up with an agreement, I’m fine…and I hope I never have to see Iraq again.
Q: Do you have a gut feeling?
A: Yes, everything I’ve heard…they only have a few hours to cancel it and if it goes down, they should come out with the government. If the blogging is right and Obama said what they said he said, it should go down and it looks very good where we’re at.
Q: If the conference doesn’t happen, can you get in touch with us? I don’t’ want to listen to the rumors.
A: I wish I had the ultimate authority that it’s going to happen…if it does start, we’re going to be happy on the other end of it. Since everything was agreed upon, they won’t be negotiating because it’s already signed…even if they didn’t like it. So, that’s all we can hope. We do know everyone wants it including the Senators and Congressmen on this side.
Q: Re: Kurds stopping export of oil….
A: I didn’t think they’d do it, but they’re telling Maliki you don’t go into that meeting, we’ll just stop. It’s easier to get Maliki to agree and keep the government in tact and keep his power than to get a no confidence, vote, and get somebody in….but they will if it doesn’t get rollilng.
Q: Why now for the conference?
A: I think it was…okay, Maliki, when do you want it? M says June…No way! May, no, we’re not going that far….now it’s the 5th of April, and they agreed.

Q: Budget 2012 published in Gazette: Is there any significance if 2011 isn’t opened yet?
A; None…they published the last one but it doesn’t matter until they implement it. They’re all stuck in a hole. They published 2011 too. They can’t open it until it RV’s. It doesn’t really matter until they have their money – -they can’t open or use it. They passed it based on the number or rate so they can’t do anything until the rate shows up…and then the budget s will open.
Q: How is it any advantage to keep dragging this out when everyone’s clamoring to get paid and move forward?
A: I agree with you – the only person trying to keep his head above water with his power is Maliki. When that goes away, and I think it’ll be pretty quick, we’ll be done.
Q: One of the guys has cancer? Is there any chance Maliki is waiting for them to croak?
A: Talabani and Allawi has cancer. They’re both going somewhere in the US – they want to finish up and get the power share going on – it wouldn’t be able to be changed.
Q: What about the American dollars for oil…where’s it going over there?
A: They’re only getting $32/ barrel….they only have totally last year, 26 billion barrels of oil. They only paid the military – that’s why they haven’t paid anybody. He’s trying to pay for his security and they’re still without money.
Q: Re: George Soros wants a one world currency?
A: Anytime the regional currency moves like this, we’re moving to a one world currency…Asian, Middle East, Euro, and then the Amero will be one currency….it’s moving in that direction but I don’t know how fast.
Q: I’m confused reading all the articles, knowing they’re opinions, but why are they going through so much posturing with this with Talabani and Barzani is here. If they agreed to it, why are the newspapers even saying there’s a problem.
A: Personally, I don’t know why they do stuff like that. Why they do that kind of posturing outside of that and I know this stuff has been kinda done…unless they decide not to do the announcing to not go further, but I don’t think that’s an issue.
Q: Who has to appoint the new ministers even if under the Strategic Council?
A: I understand it as the Strategic Council given by Maliki at first, and at that point of time, Maliki is no longer an issue and Allawi will come in. It looks that way otherwise they would have thrown Maliki out and so I’m assuming that. Allawi would then put in the ministers.
Q: Shabibi: Reduce the value of the dollar
A: You have to strengthen the value of the dinar.
Q: What about taking a $1 until Sept…I like your take better..you’re saying they can’t.
A: I know that they won’t because any time their money gets strong, it would empower Maliki and Talabani isn’t doing one thing to empower his money. He said he absolutely will not introduce that money until the government power sharing is done. Shabibi’s adamant..he’s not doing it. When I tell people about the Strategic Council, it’s not happening. If the resolve is better than Maliki’s, that’s a pretty strong resolve.
Q: If they don’t, they’re not going to be released from Ch. 7 at 50 cents, and nobody’s going to invest.
A: It’s about the budget — It has to be opened up at 3.41 to balance.
Q: Iraqi people.
A: It’s for the Iraqi people…not for us at all.
Q: If they do a regional currency, would this benefit the IQD if they didn’t RV?
A: Remember, all the currencies are low 21 cents…you’ll see Iraq go up and then the pressure’s on Saudi Arabia and Qatar…they’ll have to go up to the $4 too. The minimum would be a year, maximum to 3 years. Everybody’s going to be $4.

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